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-Scary Sharia Ruling by Judge in Pennsylvania

by Dr. D ~ February 28th, 2012

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This is something that could have never have happened in this country 10 years or so ago. 

First of all, an atheist group last year participated in a Halloween parade in the city of Mechanicsburg wearing costumes representing ‘zombie gods’ and religious leaders including a “Zombie Pope” and a “Zombie Mohammed.” The “Zombie Mohammed” was assaulted by a Muslim man attending the parade with his son:

There is no dispute about what actually happened. Ernest Perce, Pennsylvania state director of American Atheists, Inc., was assaulted by Talag Elbayomy, a Muslim immigrant who admitted attacking the victim. The attack was corroborated by a videotape (depicting a disturbance, not the actual assault). Both men called police to report a crime, both kept walking, and when they ran into police Sgt. Brian Curtis and related the story, Curtis explained to Elbayomy that Perce had  every right to express his constitutionally protected viewpoint. Elbayomy was subsequently arrested and charged with harassment.

So far so good, but in court before Magistrate Judge Mark Martin the case against Elbayomy was dismissed and the evidence, the videotape, and the testimony was totally disregarded. Instead Judge Martin verbally attacked the victim for blasphemy of Islam and going beyond his First Amendment rights:

“… In many other Muslim speaking countries–excuse me, in many Arabic speaking countries–call it “Muslim”–something like this is definitely against the law there. In their society, in fact, it could be punishable by death, and it frequently is, in their society.

Here in our society, we have a constitution that gives us many rights, specifically, First Amendment rights….But you have that right, but you’re way outside your bounds on First Amendment rights[.]”

Response: This is a case where the Judge disregarded our own laws and the perpetrator of an assault went free in deference to Muslim sharia law. Not only that, but the Judge chewed out the victim instead for offending Islam.

Note, the facts of the case were not in dispute. There was an assault and the Muslim even admits that he attacked the costumed atheist. Yet it was the victim who was designated as the bad guy in Judges Martin’s ruling. Basically it was the attitude of the sharia sympathetic Judge that the atheist victim was lucky that he was not in a Muslim country where he would be facing a death sentence.

According to Judge Martin we still have many Constitutional rights in this country but offending Islam and Muslims is now “way outside” the bounds of our First Amendment rights? Scary!

Please note, as a Christian I am not sympathetic with atheists making fun of religion but I will stand up 100% for their First Amendment rights to do so without being assaulted or intimidated by Judges. Also, judges who disregard our laws and Constitution in deference to Islam and sharia law should be not be tolerated but dismissed and run out of office in shame.              *Top

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5 Responses to -Scary Sharia Ruling by Judge in Pennsylvania

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  4. Richard Rhodes

    District Judge Mark Martin’s rational for the dismissal of this case betrays a profound lack of understanding regarding the 1st Amendment; this combined with his unprofessional and inflammatory commentary speaks volumes about his unsuitability to serve in a position of trust in any U.S. court–he should be removed from the bench forthwith.

  5. Dr. D

    Thanks Richard,
    Most who have really looked into this case would agree with you including myself.

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