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-US Officers Should be Executed Over Quran Burning?

by Dr. D ~ February 27th, 2012


        (Afghanistan  -Photo credit: The U.S. Army)

A top Iranian Commander on Saturday said that the only way the Quran burning in Afghanistan can be resolved is for the US officers responsible to be hanged.

Basij Commander Brig.-Gen. Muhammad Reza Naqdi told Iran’s Fars new agency:

"The US has committed such an ugly act and burned Korans because of the heavy slap it has been given by Islam.Their apology can be accepted only by hanging their commanders; hanging their commanders means an apology.”

The general also indicated that the White House should be burned as an example to all who offend Islam.

Response: What the General said here is not rare but represents the prevailing opinion among Muslims in Afghanistan and most of the Middle East. It is what Muslim sharia law calls for in response to the burning. It is also what the Afghani rioters are shouting for in the streets.

Meanwhile, no one there is paying a bit of attention to the fact that the Qurans were desecrated with radical messages written all over them by prisoners and that’s why they were ordered destroyed in the first place.

If Qurans are so sacred and sharia law demands that they remain undefiled, then why aren’t these folks mad at the prisoners who wrote in the books and ruined them in the first place? Why are the officers that mistakenly ordered the damaged books to be destroyed the only ones responsible?

There does seem to be a double standard there? The fact is, there a double standard built right into Islamic sharia law that treats Muslims far different than non-Muslim ‘infidels’.            *Top

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