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-Afghanistan: 30 Dead, 200 Wounded Over Quran Burning, 0 Die Over Bible Burning

by Dr. D ~ February 26th, 2012


The inadvertent burning of Qurans at a NATO Airbase has resulted in at least 30 deaths and 200+ wounded from rioting all across Afghanistan.

The favorite slogans of the rioters include:

“Death to America” and

“Death to infidels”

It has become so dangerous for Americans in Afghanistan that those helping the Afghani government have been pulled out and most American civilians have gone into hiding. Meanwhile, at least 4 American soldiers have been killed and 7 wounded. Two American officers were executed by an Afghani intelligence officer in an Afghan Interior Ministry office.

Response: This is just crazy and points out the real disconnect between the Western culture we live in and the Afghani Muslim perspective. A few damaged Qurans are burned by a stupid mistake but their culture and religion demands that those responsible must die. Meanwhile more than 30 people are killed and 200+ are wounded in the rioting that follows. How does this make any sense?

Compare this to what happened when thousands of confiscated Bibles in the two most common Afghan languages were burned at the same base in 2009. Zero dead and Zero wounded.

Now which religion, Islam or Christianity, is the real ‘religion of peace’?            *Top

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