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-UPDATE: Injunction Issued For ‘All’ NYC Churches Meeting in Schools

by Dr. D ~ February 25th, 2012

New York City skyline.

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From Citizen Link: Federal District Court Judge Loretta Preska issued a preliminary injunction today in favor of the Bronx Household of Faith church and “similarly situated parties”* allowing them to use New York City public schools on weekends for worship services pending the outcome of the latest constitutional challenge raised by the church against the City’s “no worship services” in city schools policy.

Judge Preska had issued a 10 day stay in this case in favor of the churches then the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the stay only applied to the original bringer of the suit- the Bronx Household of Faith. In this ruling the District judge clarified that her original stay was intended to include all of the churches under similar circumstances. This injunction also expands it past the original 10 days until the case was totally resolved.

Response: Everyone involved in this case understood that Judge Preska’s stay was intended to include all of the NYC churches meeting in schools. The 2nd Circuit for some reason interjected itself back into this case and narrowed the stay creating a great deal of confusion on everyone part.

Worst of all, 60 churches became homeless immediately without time to complete alternative arrangements. At least with this injunction, all of the churches affected by the lawsuit are being considered.

It also demonstrates that the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF ) case may have at least some merit and hope of bringing sanity to this situation. Also, I am hoping that the radical actions of the 2nd Circuit he did not go unnoticed by the Supreme Court justices who declined to rule on this case in December. I still believe that they will probably need to weigh in on this case since it could end up affecting thousands of churches in 50 states.

Thousands of churches are renting vacant school buildings all across the country. If the 2nd Circuit ruling is allowed to stand, than ultimately all of those churches could be subjected to possible lawsuits and expulsion.             *Top

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2 Responses to -UPDATE: Injunction Issued For ‘All’ NYC Churches Meeting in Schools

  1. Auria

    Court case on bronx house of faith was yesterday nov 19 what was the outcome

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