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-Afghanistan Erupts in Protest over Quran Burnings at Bagram Airbase

by Dr. D ~ February 22nd, 2012


                   (Quran -Photo credit: manitoon)

Allegations that NATO troops at Bagram airbase had set fire to dozens of copies of the Quran sent thousands of Afghans into a frenzied protest against the foreign troops but particularly against America. The base guards shot rubber bullets into the crowd to control the situation as the mob shouted out out slogans:

"Death to Americans" and "Death to infidels"

Apparently there was some basis to the protest since workers at Bagram had burned old Muslim books and literature material including Qurans that had been supplied to past prisoners at the base. NATO has officially apologized for the situation saying that no disrespect was intended.

Response: It is incredible that the military leaders at Bagram base are so tone deaf when it comes to Muslims and the handling of the Quran. The officers in charge of this debacle and those responsible need to be quickly disciplined and replaced.

We have thousands of troops in Afghanistan fighting the resurgence of the Taliban and these idiots actually play into the enemies’ main strategy of turning the conservative local Muslim people against the foreign ‘infidel’ troops. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot.

It is bad enough that lies are told all the time against our troops to stir up the locals but when we actually do violate their religious sensibilities ourselves through abject ignorance one has to ask why we are still there in the first place.  Particularly if we have worn out our welcome and now are perceived as the enemy.              *Top 

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