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-2,500 Pastors, Evangelical Leaders and Every U.S. Catholic Bishop Oppose Obama Mandate

by Dr. D ~ February 21st, 2012

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This is a story that just will not go away because President Obama refuses to budge from his stated mandate and so-called compromise on contraceptives and abortives.

Meanwhile, over thousands of religious leaders including pastors, evangelical leaders, and every Catholic Bishop in America oppose the mandate and recognize it for what it is, a threat to religious liberty. The latest in the battle came yesterday from The Family Research Council which released a letter signed by over 2,500 pastors and evangelical leaders protesting the Obama mandate.

FRC president Tony Perkins said while unveiling the letter:

“This is not a Catholic issue. We will not tolerate any denomination having their religious freedom infringed upon by the government.”

“No church should be forced to concede their faith to kneel at the altar of government. And until the administration rights this wrong, we unite with our allies in diverse faith traditions in demanding what George Washington called ‘the invaluable rights of free citizens.’”

Perkins was accompanied by Bishop Harry Jackson, Dr. Richard Land, Pastor Gary Simons, and Star Parker for the occasion.

The words of Thomas Jefferson in the 1779 Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom, a forerunner to the First Amendment, were cited in the letter:

“…to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves, is sinful and tyrannical.”

The letter also concludes: 

“The vast majority of religious organizations will be required to choose either to violate their consciences or drop their health coverage for employees.. (the mandate is) “…all the more egregious” for including drugs known to cause abortions such as the “week-after pill” Ella.

In addition to the Catholic Bishops and 2,500 evangelical leaders listed here, the 65 canonical bishops of the Orthodox Church, have also issued a statement condemning the rule.

Response: The controversy continues to build and expand. We will continue to cover this issue and the responses on both sides including the obvious slant of the media. I still contend that in an election year, Pres. Obama will have to take care of this dispute before November if he expects to get re-elected.

Notwithstanding that the MSM is in full blown support of Obama and trying to misdirect the issue. The fact that thousands of religious leaders are starting to respond means that there are more effective alternate sources of information this time around.            *Top 

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2 Responses to -2,500 Pastors, Evangelical Leaders and Every U.S. Catholic Bishop Oppose Obama Mandate

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  2. Dr.Michael Sampson.Th.d

    We believe in the bible to the fullness of Jesus Christ ermon on the mountain.we believe anyone who opose the words and laws of god is of the devil’no matter what culture they may be.In christ there is only one color.

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