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-12 States So Far Oppose Obama’s ‘Abortives’ Mandate

by Dr. D ~ February 20th, 2012

English: emergency contraception

                     (Emergency Contraception via Wikipedia)

I am tired of seeing this referred to as a ‘contraceptives’ mandate when the most objectionable part involves abortives like RU486 the so-called ‘morning after pill’.

Meanwhile, I have found this article that lists attorney Generals from 12 different states that are ready to challenge the Obama administration over this issue.

Also, 10 Attorney Generals sent a scathing letter to President Obama, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. Here’s a quote from the document:

“Not only is the proposed contraceptive coverage mandate for religious employers bad policy, it is unconstitutional,” they wrote. “We believe it represents an impermissible violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment virtually unparalleled in American history” and “conflicts with the most basic elements of the freedoms of religion, speech, and association, as provided under the First Amendment.”

They feared the president’s policy would force faithful religious institutions “to cease activities of incalculable value to their employees, constituents, and, indeed, society as a whole.”

“Should this unconstitutional mandate be promulgated, we are prepared to vigorously oppose it in court.”

Response: This issue seems to be expanding everywhere but in the main stream media at least when is comes to religious liberty. The MSM is styling it as an attempt by conservative politicians and religious leaders to curtail the use and availability of contraceptives even though no one is in any way actually proposing a ban or limitation.

Sometimes perception wins the day even when the facts do not support it. Some conservative leaders are calling for Republican politicians to back away from ‘social issues’ like the ‘Contraceptive’ controversy since the liberal media is casting the issue in a different light and ignoring the real challenge it poses to religious liberty and the First Amendment.            *Top

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