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-Baptists on Obama’s Mandate: We’d Rather Go to Jail and Pay Fines

by Dr. D ~ February 19th, 2012

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Obama’s contraceptive and abortive mandate is not just a Catholic issue, the Baptists are also ready to combat the issue on the grounds of religious liberty and even go to jail for the cause.

Two Southern Baptist ethicists and one university president testified against the mandate before a congressional panel on Thursday and called for civil disobedience over the issue.

C. Ben Mitchell of Union University told the committee:

…(the rule) "is an unconscionable intrusion by the state into the consciences of American citizens."
"Contrary to portrayals in some of the popular media, this is not just a Catholic issue. All people of faith –- and even those who claim no faith –- have a stake in whether or not the government can violate the consciences of its citizenry. Religious liberty and the freedom to obey one’s conscience is also not just a Baptist issue. It’s an American issue enshrined in our founding documents.”

"…tens of thousands of us, maybe hundreds of thousands of us, would be very willing to spend nights in jail for the sake of the preservation of religious liberty. It’s not just our coffers that are at risk. It is our very freedom."

Also testifying before Congress, Craig Mitchell of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary told Congressional members:

(the requirement) "…is wrong not just for religious conservatives."
"It’s wrong for all Americans, because it takes away the freedom of the citizens while emboldening the federal government to do whatever it wants. It’s wrong because it violates the Constitution. It’s wrong because it violates religious liberty. It’s wrong because it forces people to violate their consciences. … This ruling is just plain wrong for America."

"The thing that concerns me is that if [administration officials] don’t see this as a religious liberty issue, what do they see as a religious liberty issue? And where do they stop? What I see here is a hollowing out of what the concept of religious liberty is almost to the point of eventually it will be nonexistent."

Dub Oliver, president of East Texas Baptist University (ETBU), also expressed his concern about the mandate before the committee:

"Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this entire episode for ETBU is that we have no idea where this road will end. Today, the administration is trying to force us to provide our employees with abortion-causing drugs. What’s next?
"If the government can force Catholic monks to dispense birth control, what can’t the government do? If the government can decide that East Texas Baptist University is not religious enough to have the right to religious liberty, what can’t the government do? If this administration can just decide that religious believers are less important than its chosen policy goals, what can’t it do?"

The Southern Baptist Convention sponsors their own insurance company for covering all of their related ministries. Since the mandate was declared by Pres. Obama, Baptist leaders have been calling for their denomination to ignore the government order as an act of ethical disobedience and let it play out in the courts.

To demonstrate that this is not only a Catholic and Baptist issue, Matthew Harrison, president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod also testified before the committee and had this to say:

“Religious people determine what violates their consciences, not the federal government. … We must obey God rather than men, and we will."

Response: Amen to Harrison’s statement. This issue is a lot larger than just contraceptives and health insurance. Ultimately it is about curtailing religious liberty in this country and limiting it to only official worship centers and churches.

However, right now in the media and all over the internet the issue is being framed by progressives as a case where conservatives want to limit or even ban the use of contraceptives. This is a red herring invented to sway folks who are not really paying all that much attention.

The fact is, there is not one conservative political or religious leader calling for contraceptives to be banned in America. No, it is an issue of religious liberty. Does the Constitution guarantee freedom of religion or not in this country and if so, what are the limits and parameters of that mandate? Does it apply to individuals and religious institutions or only to worship centers and churches?

Also what is next? As Dub Oliver put it: “If this administration can just decide that religious believers are less important than its chosen policy goals, what can’t it do?"             *Top

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