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-Obama Chief of Staff: No More Compromises on Contraceptives

by Dr. D ~ February 13th, 2012

Deputy Secretary of State for Management and R...

       (Jacob Lew via Wikipedia)

Over the weekend, Obama’s Chief of Staff, Jacob Lew supported the President’s so-called ‘compromise’ and asserted that the administration would not be backing away from the contraceptive mandate.

From Fox News:

Despite renewed statements of concern by Catholic leaders, the Obama administration is done negotiating and will finalize its plan requiring insurance companies to provide free contraception to women working and studying at religious institutions, President Obama’s chief of staff said Sunday.

Jacob Lew told “Fox News Sunday” that the compromise offered last week to address objections by the Catholic Church is clear and consistent with the president’s “very deep belief that a woman has a right to all forms of preventive health care, including contraception.”

“We have set out our policy,” Lew said. “We are going to finalize it in the final rules, but I think what the president announced on Friday is a balanced approach that meets the concerns raised both in terms of access to health care and in terms of protecting religious liberties, and we think that’s the right approach.”

Response: So there you have it. The Obama administration plans to go ahead with the contraceptive mandate regardless of all of the criticism and the challenges by religious leaders.

One wonders if the President really has the Constitutional authority to sign off on this thing in the first place. One thing for sure, it will end up being challenged in court if the administration actually tries to implement it.

For my part, I really don’t believe that in an election year when the President will need every vote he can get that this will stand as it is. Look for the President to change his mind and see the light at least in time for an ‘October surprise’ before the votes are cast in November.

The whole  episode points out how ‘tone deaf’ Pres. Obama really is when it comes to religion. He just doesn’t get how many people of faith view it as the primary defining component of their life. I do not doubt his professed Christian faith but other things are far more important to him. I do believe that he views religion as a private matter that should not affect public policy and has so stated.               *Top

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