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-UPDATE: The Crystal Cathedral is Sold to the Catholic Church

by Dr. D ~ February 4th, 2012

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Escrow closed Friday (2/3/12) afternoon and the famous Crystal Cathedral is now owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange (CA). It completes a court-ordered sale of the edifice for $57.5 million in order to settle the bankrupt debts of the Robert H.Schuller family ministry.

The current congregation will be allowed to continue to use the building for 3 more years while plans are completed for its ultimate change from a protestant church to the new headquarters of the  Catholic diocese.

The building will not only be changed to conform to Catholic worship standards but also will be renamed in the process. Bishop Tod Brown will be asking the 1.2 million members of his diocese for suggestions.

Response: Many connected to the Schuller ministry were hoping against hope for some kind of miracle to save their church but it never came. The current ministry is but a shell of its former self and it has slowly died out due to numerous self-inflicted wounds that doomed the ministry which could not overcome the retirement of its famous leader Robert H. Schuller.

Of the current ministries at the Cathedral, only the Latino services and ministries were still growing and reaching out and touching the community with a lively charismatic ministry. Hopefully they will be able to make the ultimate transition unabated into a new facility and continue on the way they have been.

Personally I am sad to see it go. Our family went to many of the special pageants at the church. It had become a tradition in our family over the last 20 years or so to attend a Christmas Eve service at the famous cathedral. They were tremendous and always gave us a break from all of the holiday preparations and gave our family a moment to consider what  the Christmas season was really all about. Always a great message with wonderful music and a real blessing for us at Christmas time. Our family will miss that tradition and will need to find a substitute since our home church does not usually have Christmas Eve services.            *Top

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