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-Principal Blocks Jewish High School Student from Wearing Yarmulke

by Dr. D ~ February 4th, 2012

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A high school principal blocked a Jewish student from wearing a yarmulke in school until he received written support from his rabbi. It was not enough that the student’s parents approved of the religious wear of their son when queried by the school administrator. Here’s a link to the story in the Washington Post.

The school and the district does not have a policy against religious headwear and usually makes an allowance for it. According to the principal:

“We usually don’t question any student’s religion or their head coverings. But when you have all these different kids, and all these different religions and cultures, we have to validate sometimes — is this religious or is it just something you are trying to wear because it’s a fad.”

Response: I am posting about this story because it seems like schools all around the country are beginning to try to discourage students from outwardly displaying certain religious preferences. Many school administrators are overly sensitive to any kind of religious display by students particularly praying or scripture reading.

However, it does seem to be rather selective at times. Muslim students are rarely challenged. In fact, many schools go out of their way to accommodate Muslim prayers during school time. Meanwhile, one can find a story almost every week about Christian students receiving some kind of grief concerning their religious practice or beliefs. Now here’s a story about a Jewish student being challenged to justify his religious practice.

School teachers and administrators are products of our universities which are increasingly dominated by secularism and political correctness. Certain religions are far more tolerated than others and that PC bias seems to be finding its way into our public schools. 

Whether or not that is the case in this instance, the principal chose to disregard the parents and forced the issue instead. Other students including Muslims were allowed to wear religious headgear at the school and the student felt like he was being singled out for some reason.           *Top

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