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-Nearly Half a Million March on Washington But it Goes Unreported?

by Dr. D ~ January 26th, 2012


Just in case you didn’t hear about it, nearly half a million pro-life supporters marched on Washington DC on Monday. As usual the event was under reported if reported at all by the main stream media.

For instance, the CBS coverage keyed in almost exclusively on the few hundred counter demonstrators who were also on hand.

Here’s a link to some actual photos and coverage of the event via telecare.

Also here’s how one pro-life writer-  Elizabeth Scalia responded to the distorted MSM coverage:

Unfortunately, the “big picture” is hard to come by, particularly if you’re looking for “big pictures” of this well-attended march. We have reached a remarkable era of photojournalism, as demonstrated by the once-noble Washington Post — one where a half million people can march, the headlines can call it “thousands” and the pictures show you none of it.

You want the truth? You think you deserve it? The press can’t handle the truth; they can’t bring it to you. The New York Times just ignores inconvenient truth, entirely.

That’s why 250 people camping out in a park gets thousands of stories, while half-a-million marching on Washington does not get reported at all, or if it does, the pictures are cropped; the attendees are caricatured, mis-named and under-represented while their opponents are over-represented.

Response: Elizabeth Scalia is correct. You will not find a large photo of this event anywhere in the MSM coverage which downplayed the numbers to ‘thousands’ rather than the obvious hundreds of thousands.

It just does not fit the media template and agenda. So 200 or so campers in a park can ‘occupy’ media coverage for months without any rational or clear statement of purpose, yet the media ignores an event like this with a very clear inconvenient message.

This march happens in January every year in protest of the Roe v Wade decision. Also every year it is ignored by the media even though the numbers participating are always in the hundreds of thousands.

Then there are folks who still claim that the American media tries to present the news in an un-biased way. Maybe years ago but that is obviously no longer the case. Thank goodness we now have alternate sources for news and information.            *Top

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