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-UK : Muslims on Trial for “Death to Gays” Flyer

by Dr. D ~ January 11th, 2012

An attempt at a discrimination graphic.

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Five Muslim men are on trial in Britain for distributing flyers calling for gay people to be killed, charged under a new law that makes such actions a hate crime. The 5 were responding and opposing a ‘Gay parade’ in Derby in 2010.

The men gave out the flyers near their local mosque and stuffed mailboxes with the leaflets in the area. One flyer was titled “The Death Penalty” that showed a noose and proclaiming that gay people would be punished and included several references from the Quran.

In the UK they have a law against inciting hatred over disability, race or religion. The maximum penalty for the crime is seven years in jail.

Response: It will be interesting to watch the outcome of this trial. Homosexuals and Muslims are both ‘protected’ classes in Britain. My sense is that the gays and common sense will win this one and should since the Muslim men went way beyond the pale calling for violence and death. There undoubtedly will be  repercussions in the Muslim community if the 5 get prison sentences.

Notice that the Washington Post article that I linked has no reference to the 5 men as Muslims or the fact that the flyers had quotes from the Quran. All it says is that the 5 men handed out the leaflets near a mosque and then reference the names of the men leaving one to draw their own conclusions when it comes to possible motivation. Another case of the press in America sacrificing the truth on the altar of political correctness.            *Top

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