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-Uganda: Islamic Radicals Attack Bishop with Acid on Christmas Eve

by Dr. D ~ December 30th, 2011

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KAMPALA, Uganda, December 28 (Compass Direct News) Islamic extremists threw acid on a church leader on Christmas Eve shortly after a seven-day revival at his church, leaving him with severe burns that have blinded one eye and threaten sight in the other.

Bishop Umar Mulinde, 37, was attacked outside his Gospel Life Church International building following a revival which brought hundreds of new converts to Christ. According to the news report:

“…a man who claimed to be a Christian approached him. “I heard him say in a loud voice, ‘Pastor, pastor,’ and as I made a turn and looked at him, he poured the liquid onto my face as others poured more liquid on my back and then fled away shouting, ‘Allahu akbar [God is greater].’”

Mulinde was himself a convert from Islam and once had been a  sheikh (Islamic teacher) and his father had been an Imam. Local Muslim leaders had issued a fatwa for his death on October 15th. Nevertheless he continued his peaceful evangelistic campaign and tried to help as many Muslims as possible.

Mulinde is outspoken in his opposition of establishing sharia (Islamic law) courts in Uganda, known there as Kadhi courts. He has survived numerous attacks on his life.

Following this recent attack, Bishop Mulinde is in a great deal of pain with severe acid burns over 30% of his body and he has lost sight in one of his eyes and doctors are trying to save the other.

Response: Another radical Islamist attack at Christmas. Again the so-called ‘religion of peace’ turns to fatwas and attacks when they are losing in the peaceful arena of ideas and debate.

This is a great time to remember Bishop Mulinde and his family in our prayers. Please pray with me that he doesn’t lose sight in his remaining eye.             *Top

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3 Responses to -Uganda: Islamic Radicals Attack Bishop with Acid on Christmas Eve

  1. Brian

    Can you imagine the press coverage if a Christian had thrown acid on a Muslim on Eid El Fitr? Can you imagine how many Christians would have died in the ensuing anti-Christian riots?


  2. Dr. D

    Brian, I can imagine it for sure.

    I fear that Islam will soon become a ‘protected’ religion whose adherents will be free to do almost any kind of evil (particularly against Christians) without condemnation since international blasphemy laws will protect it from all criticism.

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