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-Time Magazine: Top 10 Religion Stories 2011

by Dr. D ~ December 29th, 2011

Time Cover Story: How Twitter Will Change The ...

                  (Image by stevegarfield via Flickr)

Here’s a link to Time Magazine’s list of top ten stories on religion in 2011.

It is a strange list to say the least and some of the stories I don’t even remember. Not too surprising since religion is the least of their specialties. Also, Time has a decided penchant for putting religion in the least favorable light most of the ‘time.’ Particularly anything to do with the Catholic Church and Evangelical Christians.

Here’s the list but you will need to read their rational and caption for including the story on their site:

1. Religion of the Year: Mormonism

2. The Indictment of Bishop Robert Finn

3. The Next Incarnation of the Tibet Crisis

4. The Beatification of John Paul II

5. The Rights (and Wrongs) of Egypt’s Coptic Christians

6. The Pope Embraces Atheists — Awkwardly

7. The Death of Sathya Sai Baba

8. When Mennonites Go Bad

9. The Crystal Cathedral’s Bankruptcy Sale

10. The End of the World Is Nigh — Not and Not Again

<<Read what they say about each>>

Response:  Mormonism the ‘religion of the year’? Well, we have done a few stories on how evangelicals are responding to Mormons running for president on this blog but most of what we have to say about Mormonism is on our Apologetica page.

We have also done quite a few articles on (#5) the Coptic Christians and covered the Amish beard cutting attacks (#8) along with Camping’s prognostications (#10) and extensively covered the Crystal cathedral story (#9) since it is in our own backyard.

So I guess we have at least touched 5 out of the 10 stories that the Time folks consider important for 2011.            *Top

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