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-Recap on the Top Stories for Christmas 2011

by Dr. D ~ December 28th, 2011

English: A neatly decorated Christmas cake.

                                                  (Image via Wikipedia)

As I shopped this year in the malls and stores before Christmas I was greeted more times than in recent years with a ‘Merry Christmas’ rather than the generic ‘Happy Holidays.’

Also far more stores had signs with the ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting on them than in any recent memory. Most stores now carried a variety of holiday greetings in order to please as many as possible.

I know that this is anecdotal evidence at best but the polls did show that a majority of Americans like the traditional greeting.


Here’s the ‘Good News’ Christmas Stories for 2011:

-Secret Santa Pays for Needy Families’ Layaway Gifts at Kmart

-‘Secret Santas’, ‘Layaway Angels’ and the Original ‘Layaway’ Christmas Gift

-President Obama Tells the Christmas Story at Tree Lighting

-Merry Christmas 2011- The Real Christmas Story


Here’s the Battle over Christmas Stories for 2011:

-70% Prefer ‘Merry Christmas’ Over ‘Happy Holidays’ on Signs 

-Santa Kicked Out of PC Medical Facility 

-Atheists Say ‘Bah Humbug’ with Billboard Campaign 

-Wisconsin Gov. Ignites a New Controversy by Calling it a ‘Christmas Tree’

-Wisconsin: A Mocking Atheist ‘Nativity’

-NJ: Battle Over ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ Sign

-Santa Monica CA: ‘Out of Town’ Atheists Win Nativity Battle

-Is a Nativity Scene Intimidating? Really?

-ACLU Supports Christmas Prayer Vigil

-This Year’s Assault on Christmas


The Real ‘War on Christmas’ Stories 2011:

-Nigeria: Dozens of Christians Killed on Christmas in Islamist Attacks

-Radical Muslim Responses to Christmas

-North Korea Protests Christmas Trees on Border

-Laos: Christian leaders Arrested Following Christmas Celebration


Happy New Year everyone and may God bless you and yours in the year to come.            *Top

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