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-Nigeria: Dozens of Christians Killed on Christmas in Islamist Attacks

by Dr. D ~ December 26th, 2011


The angel Christmas message of “peace on earth, good will toward men” was totally rejected by a group of Islamists who attacked Christian worshippers all across Nigeria on Christmas morning killing dozens and wounding hundreds.

At least 5 churches were bombed on Christmas. The worse attack by far was a bombing of St. Teresa Catholic Church in Madalla near Logos killing at least 35 worshippers and wounding another 52. Over 100 have died in all of the attacks but right now it is near impossible to get accurate figures from the destruction and carnage from different parts of the country.

So far we know that churches have been bombed in the cities of Madalla, Jos, Kano, Damaturu, and Gadaka.

The Radical Muslim group- Boko Haram –claimed responsibility for the attacks bringing the tally to over 500 killed by this Islamist group in 2011. The name –“Boko Haram” means: “Western education is sacrilege.”

Response: I woke up this morning after a wonderful Christmas with our family to see that Christians all around the world had suffered attacks on Christmas. Mostly at the hands of radical Muslims. None were worse than the bombings of Christian churches in Nigeria.

This is the 2nd year in a row that this Muslim group has attacked Christians during services on Christmas. Hopefully in the future the federal government will be better prepared and protect worshippers on Christmas.

One of the continuing problems with the federal army in Nigeria is that it’s make-up is half Muslim. In some instances Muslim members have refused to fight against Islamist radicals and protect Christians. On at least one occasion this year, Muslim members of the army actually joined the radical Islamists in attacks against Christians.

Fortunately it appears that yesterday the federal army did better than usual and reportedly killed at least 59 of the Boko Haram in the midst of their Christmas attacks.            *Top

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