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-Muslim Brotherhood Goal: “United Arab States” Caliphate with Jerusalem as its Capital

by Dr. D ~ December 22nd, 2011

Logo Muslim Brotherhood

                      (Image via Wikipedia)

Lately, members of the media and quite a few politicians in America have been wishfully saying that the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t all that bad. Particularly in the aftermath of the second Egyptian election that points to their future control of Egypt.

However, a recent interview of a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader, Dr. Safwat Hegazy, shows that the Brotherhood is not only interested in ruling Egypt but eventually a “United Arab States” Caliphate with Jerusalem as its Capital. From Jihad watch:

In this recent video, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Dr. Safwat Hegazy, a popular preacher, talks about how he yearns to see Arab nations become “like the United States”—for them to unify into the “United Arab States.” While that may sound like an admirable (or at least neutral) goal, bear in mind what he is alluding to: the resurrection of a caliphate—which by nature exists to expand, including through jihad.

Moreover, Hegazy made clear that his interest in seeing the “United Arab States” has less to do with Arab solidarity (nationalism) and more to do with Islamic allegiance (religion). As he gushed about how wonderful it would be for Arab nations to unite into one bloc, the secular and skeptical host interviewing him reluctantly agreed, “so long as the capital is Cairo,” that is, so long as Egypt’s integrity remains. To this, Hegazy replied: “No, I say the capital is Jerusalem, Allah willing.”

Response: We have contended all along that the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ was really about the establishment of a new Islamic Caliphate. Dr. Hegazy in the interview plainly indicates what the Muslim Brotherhood is really working towards. Egypt today but a United Arab Caliphate tomorrow. Cairo now but Jerusalem and the destruction of Israel in the future.            *Top 

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