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-Thousands Choose ‘Star Wars’ Jedi as Their Religion?

by Dr. D ~ December 19th, 2011

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A recent Census in the Czech Republic shows that 15,070 of their citizens listed their religion as Star Wars ‘Knights of the Jedi.’ An interesting choice.

Even more interesting, they aren’t the first country to have citizens claiming the Star Wars religion. New Zealand and Great Britain, already list the Jedi Church amongst the formal religion options. In fact, over 390,000 Britons claim that they practiced the religion. There is even a ‘Church of the Jedi’s’ website that further defines the ‘theology’ of the religion:

The Force, they say, is "an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together," and "is a concept that most religions of the world concur with. Some refer to it as their deity, some refer to it as a life force, but the one thing nearly all religions agree with, is that there exists a single unifying force."

"Star Wars," the Church says, helped create the religion’s terminology, but it did not create the faith itself.

"The force has always existed and always will," their website reads. "Often references are made to the movies by our members, as a conceptual demonstration of how some might ascribe to the higher levels of a Jedi faith, in a far away land, a long time ago. The fact remains, that these concepts merely reflect a deep held innate morality, that we all have inside us… This morality existed prior to the movies. The movies do not in any way legitimize nor negate the legitimacy of the Jedi Church. They are merely a discussion point."

Response: Really? I have always like the Star Wars movies and have even read dozens of the follow up books. But…there are even good moral values in the works but as a real ‘religion’ it remains fiction after all. I’m sure there are some folks making a great deal of money promoting the so-called ‘Jedi Church.’

For most, the designation is a joke. But it does point out how the European culture is redefining itself. Still, in the Czech Republic 1.08 million people identified themselves as Catholics while over four million declined to list any faith at all.              *Top

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