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-NDA Act: Today American Citizens Supporting Al Qaeda But Tomorrow?

by Dr. D ~ December 16th, 2011

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The National Defense Authorization Act has passed and has been sent to the President for his signature. The act is intended to protect America from terrorists. Even from American citizens who join in and support terrorist groups like al Qaeda and the Taliban in their fight against the USA.

I can remember all of the furor of civil rights groups against the Patriot Act that the Bush administration supported in order to combat world terrorism no matter where it was in the world. Now with a ‘Democratic’ President in the White House, the protests against a far more radical bill seem to be muted in face of actual challenges to the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of American citizens.

What does the new act actually do?

It specifically affirms that the administration has the authority to detain indefinitely and deny due process to any American citizen it charges with substantially supporting al Qaeda, the Taliban, or any associated terrorist forces.

What that means is that if the government believes that you are a terrorist then the Bill of Rights and the Constitution no longer applies to you even if you are an American citizen captured and detained within the borders of the USA.

The Act passed with overwhelming support from both parties in Congress and the Senate. President Obama has already agreed to sign it into law.

Now here are my concerns.

Today it is going to be applied to homegrown terrorists who have joined in a continuing war against the USA. If they are caught red-handed in the middle of an act of terror than so much the good.

I can see the uses and the validity in the argument that no matter where they are or whether they are citizens or not, if they have ‘taken up arms’ to do acts of terror against the USA then extraordinary measures are warranted for their interrogation and detainment.

However, where does one draw the line?

That is where the problem lies. It is supposed to be used against actual terrorists but what about those who ‘support the terrorists’ in some way? What ways are applicable by this act? No telling. Also, it is open ended when it comes to clearly identifying ‘associated terrorist groups.’

Today, the act is going to be applied to terrorists associated with 9/11, al Qaeda and the Taliban. But tomorrow some administration might identify a whole new set of ‘terrorist’ groups that are ‘opposing’ the US government.  Maybe ‘dangerous’ Christian groups opposing abortion or standing in the way of homosexual rights, or illegally teaching their ‘exclusive’ doctrines to their children, or maybe guilty of some future UN ‘defamation’ law. Sounds crazy and ridiculous now but who knows? At the very least, this act sets a precedence that might be used against citizens in ways that are now unforeseen.            *Top

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