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-NJ: Battle Over ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ Sign

by Dr. D ~ December 15th, 2011


(Image: Al Schell/Courier-Post)                            (Image: CBS News)

A Christmas banner across Main Street in Pitman, New Jersey has an atheist group in fits trying to get it taken down claiming that it violates the Constitution.

The banner in question reads:  "Keep Christ in Christmas"

It is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus (A Catholic fraternal org.) and has been hanging over the town’s main street every Christmas season for the last 45 years. The Wisconsin Freedom from Religion Foundation is trying to force the city to take it down. The only problem is that it’s attached to private property and the sign is not sponsored by the city but a Christian group.

The FFRF group has been successful in getting a nativity scene removed from the city park but since the banner is on private property their efforts have been frustrated. Meanwhile the atheist group is seeking some ‘private’ property to put up their own anti-religion banner for the season.

Response: There is no way that the banner is unconstitutional. In fact the exact opposite is true since the Constitution is supposed to protect free speech and freedom of religion. The document does not require ‘freedom from religion’ in the public square. The sign and message is sponsored by a Christian group and not the city. Also is is attached to the private property of folks who actually support the message.

It is amazing to me how successful the FFRF atheist organization has been all across the country this year in getting nativity scenes on public property taken down.  Time and time again this group has claimed that they are not coming against Christmas displays on private property. But in this case that is exactly what they are trying to do. They simply can’t help themselves.

What is next for the FFRF? I have some ideas but I sure don’t want to give this group any ideas. Christmas is a special time of the year. I have fond memories of all of the special Christmas decorations around the city I grew up in. Plus all of the special Christmas music we used to sing in school. No one ever thought that anyone was trying to establish an ‘official’ religion in the process.

I now wonder if the right to ‘Freedom from religion’ will not one day supersede the ‘freedom of religion’ and forever change this country for the worse.      *Top

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