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-Santa Monica CA: ‘Out of Town’ Atheists Win Nativity Battle

by Dr. D ~ December 14th, 2011


LA Times:

For nearly 60 years at Christmastime, Christian congregations from Santa Monica have come together to organize a life-sized Nativity scene, using 14 display areas in a city park to illustrate the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

This year, however, the story had to be abridged.

Because of a city lottery system to dole out available spots in Santa Monica’s Palisades Park, along Ocean Avenue, atheists have been able to claim most of the display spaces traditionally used for the Nativity, leaving room for only three of the scenes.

Response: For 57 years folks have come with their families from miles around to view the spectacle of life-sized nativity scenes surrounding the city park for nearly two blocks. In times past, there have even been awards for the best display but not this year.

11 of the 14 areas are now displaying messages against Christmas and faith in God, most all from people and organizations that are not even residents of Santa Monica.

Only 3 have holiday scenes. One displays an appropriate Hanukkah menorah set up by a Jewish group, leaving only 2  out of the 14 for the traditional Nativity scenes.  Another Christmas tradition going down the tube of meanness and hate at a time when Christians are reaching out to others with love bringing the blessings of the season.

The atheists have won this ‘war on Christmas’ in Santa Monica but have they gained any respect for their movement? Hardly.                *Top

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