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-Tim Tebow Does it Again and Muslims & Jews Defend Him

by Dr. D ~ December 12th, 2011

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Yesterday Tim Tebow did it again on the football field pulling his team, the Denver Broncos from 10 point down in the 4th to rally and beat the Chicago bears in overtime. Not only is Tebow gaining fans for his play but also respect for his dedication to his Christian faith.

Now the latest, even some Muslims and Jews are defending his outward displays of devotion to God: “Muslims & Jews Defend Tim Tebow’s Dedication to His Faith

In the article, several Jewish rabbis from Denver make some positive comments and Khaled Hamideh, a Muslim who is the chairman of the board at the Colorado Muslim Society, is quoted:

“I know I‘m a Muslim and he’s a Christian, but I admire somebody who thanks God for everything that he gave him.”

Response: It was great to see this positive article on Tebow’s faith.  It helps to balance out some of his many critics and the negative articles about Tebow’s outward displays of devotion.

It also helps that he is winning in miraculous ways. Particularly since so many NFL experts gave him so little hope for success in the pros. Obviously God had different plans and they didn’t really calculate how big a heart this guy really has. Praise the Lord.            *Top

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