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-Is a Nativity Scene Intimidating? Really?

by Dr. D ~ December 10th, 2011


(Image Source: The Malakoff News)

Is a nativity scene intimidating? Really? According to a leader in the Wis.-based Freedom From Religion Foundation the nativity scene in front of the Henderson County Courthouse in Texas certainly is:

“It sends a message of intimidation and exclusion to non-Christians and non believers this time of year.”

The FFRF has sent a letter to the County Commissioners demanding that the Nativity be taken down. Meanwhile the Texan Christians in the area are not taking too kindly to a bunch of Wisconsin atheists trying to order them around. Especially when virtually the entire community supports the Christmas and holiday decorations that have been traditionally displayed in front of the county courthouse this time of the year for as long as anyone can remember.

Now the FFRF group is complaining that they are being ‘harassed’ by Christians with hundreds of phone calls from all around the country protesting their nativity protest. One might be tempted to ask who started it all in the first place.

However, I do believe that it’s unfortunate that they’re receiving negative phone calls this time of the year. I would rather see Christian folk reaching out to them in love with kindness and good cheer.

Response: Are nativity scenes really intimidating? No. After all, they are everywhere this time of the year. In front of homes, churches, and businesses. No one is being forced to accept any kind of ‘message’ or even look at the scenes for that matter. If I see a Jewish Menorah I’m certainly not offended in any way but rejoice in the traditions and blessings of this season.

In many cases, government buildings have been decorated for hundreds of years in America and it was never considered to be an issue of ‘separation of church and state’ until this very generation. The founders would no doubt be very surprised how their words and the Constitution they devised is now being stood on its ear to mean something far different and sometimes even directly opposite of what was originally intended. Freedom of religion as defined in the Constitution is now becoming freedom from religion in the public square.

I’ll tell you what is really ‘intimidating’, a group that tries to force everyone else to adhere to their sensibilities.             *Top

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