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-Secret Santa Pays for Needy Families’ Layaway Gifts at Kmart

by Dr. D ~ December 9th, 2011

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This is the season to reach out and help others in need. Here’s the heartwarming story of a ‘Secret Santa’ who paid down the layaway bills for a number of families at Kmart in Plainfield, Michigan.

Here’s the details supplied by NBC affiliate Wood TV8 :

“This lady came up randomly and said, ‘Can I, you know, pay off some people’s layaway?’” said Dannell Goddard. Goddard works at Kmart in the layaway department. She told 24 Hour News 8 that when she first heard the request, she was a bit confused.

“I was like, ‘Well, are you trying to pick them up? ‘Cause you can’t pick them up if you don’t have an ID,” Goddard said. “And [the mystery woman] replied, ‘Nope, I just want to help people.’”

The woman looked through several of the about 800 layaway contract tickets at the store. She randomly picked and paid the bill on three of them. She paid about $500 between all three of them and left a $10 balance on each of the accounts.

The woman’s only requirement was that there were toys in the layaway orders.

Response: What a great idea and a great way to say Merry Christmas. Hopefully more folks will follow suit and provide lots of different families with similar Christmas blessings. The great part is that it can be anonymous and it doesn’t necessarily take all that much money to help out. One could choose to help out one family or many.              *Top

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9 Responses to -Secret Santa Pays for Needy Families’ Layaway Gifts at Kmart

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  2. blaise studer

    Desportly need help unemployed disabled with unemploy wife 4daughter and a 2year old grand-daughter disablity pay pays rent,utities must juggle for food so I need Santa’s help….Can anyone help impizzaman@yahoo.com


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  6. Aiping Wang

    Such a kind person. Very inspirational to all of us. this Santa surely helped a lot and made this in need family very happy. I just wish that others will follow and idolize this kind of person. He really deserves to be a heroe

  7. Dr. D

    Amen Aiping, thanks for your comments. Hopefully others will follow this example next Christmas time.

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  9. Michelle Swanson

    I wish to have a little help paying my layaway off its my grandkids Christmas layaway all coats and snow pants but I don’t no if I can get it outbecause my health is not that good and I cannot work no more hour’s so if they are an angel out there if somebody can please help my layaway is at Kmart on West 26th Street in Erie PA and it’s under Michelle Swanson thank you

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