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-Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist Parties Win First Election

by Dr. D ~ December 2nd, 2011

Logo Muslim Brotherhood

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According to reports, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist parties won a majority of the contested Parliamentary seats in the first round of elections in Egypt. More elections are coming but if the present trend continues, the Muslim Brotherhood and other minority Islamist parties could control the Egyptian Parliament by March.

The more moderate Egyptian bloc coalition seems to be headed for 2nd or maybe even vying for 3rd place along with the ultra-fundamentalist Nour party.

Response: This trend is chilling since the Muslim Brotherhood and other minor Islamist parties were campaigning during the election for an end to the peace treaty with Israel. In fact, last week during a rally sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood, thousands were chanting:

one day we shall kill all the Jews” … and

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, judgment day has come

This election also is part of the mounting poof that the Obama administration and the Western media were completely wrong about the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. Islamist parties won in ‘moderate’ Tunisia for the first time and recently in Morocco. Also, the new coalition in charge of Libya recently declared that Sharia would replace the old jurisprudence under Qaddafi.

It looks to me like the ‘Arab Spring’ is quickly turning into an ‘Islamic Winter’. Now’s a good time to remember to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem.           *Top

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