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-UPDATE: Same-Sex Dorms at Catholic U. Not Discriminatory

by Dr. D ~ December 1st, 2011

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Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. will be allowed to continue to maintain same-sex dormitories on their campus according to a ruling handed down on Tuesday by the District’s Office of Human Rights.

The ruling maintained that same-sex dorms do not constitute discrimination or disparate treatment of either sex.

<<Here’s the original story>>

In our original post we emphasized a complaint by Muslim students that Christian symbols in the Catholic school bothered them when they used empty classroom for their prayers. The Muslim student were hoping to force the Catholic school to provide separate facilities for their prayers and worship on campus. That complaint has yet to be addressed.

A second complaint against the school revolved around the University going back to traditional same-sex dorms on campus. The ruling on Tuesday only addressed that issue.

According to the Washington Times article:

In the decision, the Office of Human Rights wrote that under that reasoning, same-sex bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams also would be prohibited and “would lead to absurd results.”

“Sex discrimination includes more than just differentiating housing facilities,” the ruling states. “Like federal law, prohibitions on sex discrimination allow distinctions between the sexes while prohibiting the imposition of ‘disadvantageous terms or conditions’ because of stereotypes about social roles of the inherent capabilities of the sexes.”

Response: Wow, common sense has prevailed for once in Washington D.C.  A rare occasion indeed!

There was a time, and I remember it well, when every college and University across America maintained same-sex dorms. Most Christian schools today still maintain traditional dorms that separate the sexes.

It is incredible to me that this was even an issue and even laughable that it was taken seriously as an potential discriminatory situation.             *Top

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