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-Christian Counseling Student in Court Over View on ‘Gays’

by Dr. D ~ December 1st, 2011


We posted about this case last year: -University Tells Student to Abandon Christian Faith or Else

It was all about a Georgia graduate counseling student,  Jennifer Keeton, at Augusta State University who was told by administrators to change her Christian attitudes particularly in regard to homosexuality or face expulsion from the university’s graduate counseling program.

Now she is in court trying to block the school from expelling her. Her case is now before a federal appeals court

Response: What did she actually do to warrant expulsion by the school?


Her great ‘sin’ was to admit in a term paper that working with homosexuals was going to be difficult for her because of her Christian beliefs.  The school administrators demanded that she change her view or else and told her that her Christian Biblically based views were ‘immoral’ and incompatible with the counseling profession.

Read the original post for all of the crazy incredible details of how this courageous Christian was treated and actually persecuted by school administrators.             *Top

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