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-Nigeria: Muslim Attacks on Christians Continue -45 Killed

by Dr. D ~ November 29th, 2011

English: Map locator of Nigeria.

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The Muslim attacks against Christians in Nigeria continues. At least 45 more Christians are dead. Plus an untold number of houses and churches destroyed, and crops and fields burned.

This time around ethnic Fulanis crying ‘Allahu akbar!’ attacked churches, and Christian communities this past week in Plateau state of northern-central Nigeria.

Meanwhile, thousands of Christians are fleeing the area. According to one Christian woman trying to leave:

“Christians are fleeing the town because we have no guns to fight back. Muslims have guns, and they have their soldiers fighting for them, so we have no choice but to leave town.”

The Nigerian government sent in troops to quell the violence but in one town the Nigerian soldiers who were Muslim actually ended up joining in the attacks against the Christians:

“Muslims soldiers took sides with their fellow Muslims and were shooting and killing Christians. They also had soldiers guarding mosques in the town, but none was sent to watch over our churches, and that is the reason Muslims were able to burn the Baptist church in the town.”

<<Read the whole report from Compass Direct>>

Response: The situation for Christians in the northern and central areas of Nigeria is quite serious. It is shocking that in this instance, federal troops became part of the problem with Muslim soldiers actually joining in the melee. The Western press usually treats stories like this by blaming both sides. Nevertheless, it is the Christians that seem to be getting killed most of the time.

I could literally put up half a dozen stories a day where Muslims are killing or persecuting Christians somewhere around the world. However in this country to even begin to tell the truth can get you labeled as Islamophobic.

We are told that Islam is a ‘religion of Peace’ and that the radical and violent Islamists do not really reflect normative Islam. But as far as I can observe, the radicals seem to be winning the hearts of Muslims all around the world and it is the more moderate forms of Islam that seem to becoming the exception. 

The current election in Egypt and the recent ones in Tunisia and Morocco also show an increasing support for more radical Islam. Apparently this is the real result of the new democratic movement of Arab Spring –An Islamist Revival.             *Top

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