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-New Jersey Hospital Continues to Discriminate Against Pro-Life Nurses

by Dr. D ~ November 28th, 2011

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

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From Citizen Link:

The dispute began in October, when the federally funded University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) informed the nurses they either had to participate in abortions or risk losing their jobs. The Alliance Defense Fund intervened on their behalf, and a court blocked the hospital from taking any action against the nurses until a hearing can take place on Dec. 5.

Nonetheless, the UMDNJ sent a letter to the nurses afterward telling them they had to attend meetings before Thanksgiving to discuss how they might be reassigned to other units if they refuse to participate in abortions.

Both state and federal law and the UMDNJ’s own policy say health care practitioners who morally object to abortions can’t be forced to participate in them; an administrator told one of the nurses the hospital “has no regard for religious beliefs.”

The ADF attorney Matt Bowman noted that the hospital is not even trying to deal in good faith but continues to arrogantly ignore the law and the legal rights of the nurses:

“It’s outrageous that this hospital is asking a court for permission for it to break the law and violate the clear legal right of nurses not to assist in abortion cases. Throughout this case the hospital has resisted any attempt to talk to it about the fact that all were asking for is that it obey the law.”

Response: This is the case of an administration which is completely out of control. One administrator admitted that they had “…no regard for religious beliefs.” Apparently they also have no regard for state and federal laws.

A court hearing is set for December 5 and yet the administration took it upon themselves to force the nurses to attend a meeting concerning their future positions with the hospital? The unsaid implication is that the nurses will be forced to accept some kind of alternate position which would actually be a demotion if they continue to refuse to participate in abortions.

Cases like this concerning pro-life health care workers are beginning to show up all across the country. In this case state law should protect the nurses but the administration is ignoring their legal rights and arrogantly persecuting pro-life nurses because of their moral convictions and faith. Hopefully the court will force them to follow the state law. We will keep a watch on this case for sure.             *Top

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2 Responses to -New Jersey Hospital Continues to Discriminate Against Pro-Life Nurses

  1. Brian

    I recall something similar happening (in Virginia?). Pharmacists who refused to carry “morning after” birth control pills for religious reasons were being sanctioned and/or coerced into carrying this product.

    Within the last 20 years, and to a large degree within the last 5 years, a hierarchy of rights has begun to develop in this county. Abortion rights and homosexual rights are going to be in this hierarchy. I suspect that the right to engage in other promiscuous sexual practices will be in the hierarchy. Religious rights will be shoved aside to make way for those rights favored by the secular establishment.

    In any case, I would look for mandated conformity to secular mores to become more common in the future, and to begin showing up in such areas as university enrollment, adoption/foster care of kids, government employment, professional employment etc. Imagine, for example, an applicant for a government job having to affirm that he will not discriminate against anyone – – including the recognition of homosexuality as an acceptable alternate lifestyle. I believe that we could readily see such affirmances being mandated within the next few years.

    I have already seen internet discussions that seriously proposed that people who wanted to home school their kids would have to pledge to teach evolution as a fact, and as a part of their home school curriculum before being allowed to home school.

    My bottom line point is that your article, Dr. D., represents the tip of a very scary iceberg.


  2. Dr. D

    Very astute response. I believe you are 100% correct in your assessment of ‘a hierarchy of rights’ and the future implications for people of faith. At some point the constitutional guarantees will no longer mean a thing for those who maintain a Biblical world view.

    One of the motivations that I have for writing this blog is to sound a warning before it is too late to Christians who are mostly asleep in this country. One only needs to see what is happening to Biblical Christians in the UK and Europe to see where we are heading in our own country. There is now ‘a hierarchy of rights’ in the UK that gives Muslims far more rights to express their religion than Christians in a country that is still ‘officially’ Christian. Christian preachers have been put in jail for publicly expressing Biblical teaching on homosexuality while homosexuals wouldn’t dare even visit Muslim sections of Londonstan.

    Obviously ‘a hierarchy of rights’ has developed in the UK and elsewhere in Europe that places Muslims above homosexuals and homosexuals above Christians.

    You can see something similar happening some places in this country. In New York City, the political powers backed radical Muslims who wanted to build a mosque near ‘Ground Zero’ and even paved the way for public financing. Meanwhile the Christian Orthodox Church across the street from the Towers that was actually destroyed on 9/11 had little or no official support and until recently was blocked from being rebuilt.

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