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-Destroying Crosses is an Islamic Obligation?

by Dr. D ~ November 22nd, 2011


The picture above appears in an article by military correspondent Michael Yon. It was found in Afghanistan and basically defines Christian crosses as a mark of evil that must be destroyed. Here’s a translation of the poster:

*Destroying the cross is an Islamic obligation*

1. Christians want to publish and spread their unholy and cursed religious logos and signs in different shapes and appearances in clean and holy Muslim society.

2. These Christianity signs (Crosses) have affected our Islamic society too

– even our mosques and our Menbers are not safe from those Christianity signs (Crosses).

(Further note from my Afghan friend explaining “menber”: When you enter a mosque, the menber is a chair in the most forward point. After the prayer is done, a mullah sits on that chair and enlightens people. Talking rubbish about how to be a good muslim or other nonsense. That chair is higher than the regular ones in terms of height. It’s higher in order to enable the mullah to see all the folks and the folks seeing mullah – even the ones sitting far away. Menber is the written name of it.)

3. The respected Ulemas agree over the fact that destroying these crosses is an Islamic obligation and on whatever object or surface where there is a cross, praying is a sin.

4. —– had a gold cross in his neck and prophet Mohammad told him to remove that ‘idol’ from himself and is narrated from Aisha that prophet Mohammad never allowed anything in his house with a cross on it and used to destroy or throw it away.

6. For further explanations, refer to …. / …. / …. (Names of references given)

*Some of the names on the crosses:*

1. Cross of George

2. Cross of Andrew

3. Cross of Lauren

4. Cross of Jerusalem

5. Cross of Anthony

6. Cross in shape of the Nazi logo

7. Catholic Cross

===End Translation===

In the meantime all of our MEDEVAC helicopters for our injured soldiers have big red crosses on the side which are supposed to be respected by the enemy as off limits but according to Michael Yon, in Afghanistan they have actually become a target:

US Army MEDEVAC helicopters in Afghanistan are marked with Red Crosses. Helicopters sporting a Red Cross are not allowed to be armed. The enemy knows this. The enemy tries to shoot down these unarmed helicopters with the added advantage that our people cannot shoot back.  And so, we push people into combat while advertising to the enemy that our people are unarmed.  The best that can be said for this policy is that it’s wrong. The worst that can be said might be that it borders on criminal.

Response: This is another story about the clash of cultures and very different world views. In America and the West we are trying to respects all religions and religious symbols and we are hoping to provide an inclusive environment for all.

The perception and world view of Afghanis is quite different. There are no churches in the entire country and other religions besides Islam are not really tolerated. Sharia law is still the law of the land and sometimes even trumps their Constitution. Bibles in Pashtun and other Afghani languages are outlawed and crosses are considered offensive.

It is little wonder that we are having so much trouble controlling that country and putting down the Taliban Islamic insurgents. Our very presence there encourages more Islamic opposition. Many view our military as ‘Christian invaders’ that must be expelled along with all of the Christian symbols including the Red Cross.

For us, the Red Cross is more of a secular symbol of mercy. Obviously we know and understand as little about their culture as they do about ours. Certainly they do not understand or accept our motives for being there in the first place.

How long will we continue to send our soldiers to be in that no-win situation? To date, our military has done the best that can be expected considering the circumstances and with the all political meddling from back home. We need to remember to daily support our boys and girls over there with our prayers.             *Top

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