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-Algeria: Christian on Trial for Blasphemy

by Dr. D ~ November 18th, 2011

Algeria in africa

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The case of Siagh Krimo, an Algerian Christian who was arrested for proselytizing, and sentenced to 5 years in prison for blasphemy, is being re-tried this week under appeal.

Krimo, who is 29 years old and married with an infant daughter, was arrested on April 14 and held for three days in Oran for giving a neighbor a CD about Christianity. On May 4, Krimo was sentenced to five years in prison for blasphemy based on the neighbor’s accusation that he had insulted the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

In the original trial, no real evidence was submitted and the accusing neighbor did not even appear yet Krimo was found guilty of blasphemy anyway.

Algeria has signed on to the UN’s  Universal Declaration of Human Rights which means it must comply with Article 18 on freedom of conscience, religion and thought. This case should be dismissed under that provision.

Response: This is another case that has largely been ignored by the Western media. Algeria is supposed to extend freedom of religion to its citizens but the reality is far different. All of the North African Muslim states in the last few years have become far more radical in their support of Islamic sharia laws than they used to be.

International pressure is being put upon the Algerian courts in this instance so hopefully the case will be properly resolved and Krimo will be released. This is a good time to pray for Krimo and his family along with his lawyer and the Judges involved.            *Top

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