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-Judge: Catholics Will Get The Crystal Cathedral

by Dr. D ~ November 17th, 2011

Crystal Cathedral, a megachurch in the city of...

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Update: 7:05  p.m. Thursday: Judge Robert Kwan has ruled that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County will be the buyer for Orange County’s iconic Crystal Cathedral property.

The famous Crystal Cathedral and 40 acre campus will soon become the property of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County, California giving the diocese the new worship center and headquarters that they needed and longed for.

Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral board voted Wednesday evening to support the Catholic bid for the cathedral over the offer made by Chapman University. In a last ditch effort, late Wednesday Chapman University increased their bid to $59 million for the property but in the end the Catholic bid of $57.5 million won the day.

The latest Chapman offer would have given the Schuller ministry the opportunity to lease back the Cathedral and several buildings for 20 years. Some long-time congregants of the Crystal Cathedral expressed shock and disappointment that their board voted to accept the Catholic offer possibly bringing an end to the famous TV ministry in Orange County.

Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller said that both he and his wife Arvella supported the board’s decision:

"My wife and I, prior to Monday’s hearing, had already decided to support the diocese’s offer to purchase the Crystal Cathedral campus. Though we deeply respect Chapman University, the uncertainly regarding the future use of the campus for religious purposes was divergent to the call of both God and our denomination that we embraced 60 years ago."

Does this mean an end for the 60 year Schuller ministry?

Obviously major changes are in store for what ever part of the Crystal Cathedral ministry continues after the loss of their famous property. However, for the next three years it will continue nearly as it has.

The diocese’s plan allows the Schuller ministry to lease the core buildings including the cathedral and the Tower of Hope for three years and the school building through the end of the school year in 2013.  After three years, the ministry and the school will move to a near-by 10-acre property on Lewis Street where the catholic church-St. Callistus is now located.

Rev. Sheila Schuller Coleman, the ministry’s senior pastor responded to the new situation with as much hope as she could muster:

"If it is God’s will for us to move, we believe it will be where He needs us most," she said. "It does not mean that our ministry will be diminished. Crystal Cathedral church is not a building. A church is comprised of people who are dedicated to practicing through words and works, ‘God loves you and so do we!’"

Rev. Coleman also indicated the Schuller ministry would continue to operate its school along with a number of missions including a ministry to the homeless and Latino community.

However, I really question how the "Hour of Power" TV program can continue as it is after the move. As it now stands, nearly 70 percent of Crystal Cathedral’s income comes from the TV ministry. So, obviously real changes are in store and probably a major ‘down-sizing’ will be the end result.

What will be left of the 60 year Schuller ministry in 5 years is difficult to envision at this time with the loss of their major buildings and famous Cathedral.             *Top

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