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-Muslim on Trial for ‘Honor Killing’ of 3 Daughters Says He Would Do It Again

by Dr. D ~ November 16th, 2011


This is actually a tale of two countries with very different cultures- Canada and Afghanistan.

A Canadian Muslim is on trial for the ‘honor killing’ of his 3 daughters and his first wife in 2009. Incredibly he was recorded telling his 2nd polygamous wife that he would do it again 100 times.

What did his daughters do that was so wrong? His oldest daughter married a Pakistani boy and he did not approve of the boys his other daughters were dating.

Mohammad Shafia who immigrated to Canada with his polygamous family from Afghanistan obviously had problems adapting to the new culture he found himself and his family in. Shafia says that he would gladly go to the gallows for his actions:

‘Even if, God forbid, they hoist us on to the gallows… we accept it wholeheartedly.’

When he is shown pictures of the dead bodies of his daughters and first wife he actually seems to rejoice:

‘It isn’t harder than watching them every hour with (boyfriends).  For this reason whenever I see those pictures, I am consoled.

‘I say to myself, "You did well. Would they come back to life a hundred times, for you to do the same again".’

Shafia’s 2nd wife Tooba and son Hamed were also charged in the murders.

Response: As more Muslims immigrate to the US and Canada you can expect more of these ‘honor killings’ of family members. The Western press and most folks will initially want to pass all of this off as cases of mental illness. But that really isn’t the case, it really does reflect many of the Muslim cultures of the Middle East whether we want to accept it or or not.

Actually this case reminds me of two books of fiction that give insight into the Afghani Muslim culture that Mohammad Shafia came out of, both by Khaled Hosseini:

-"A Thousand Splendid Suns" 

-"The Kite Runner"

Anyone who has read these books will be able to understand how such horrific murders of one’s own family are possible. Also, how a Muslim Afghani father is able to feel like he is justified and supported by his religious convictions and culture in the process. The actions of this Afghani father would not be considered all that radical in the Afghani Muslim culture he came out of.            *Top

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