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-Atheists Say ‘Bah Humbug’ with Billboard Campaign

by Dr. D ~ November 16th, 2011


American Atheists are launching a new billboard campaign for the holidays:

“American Atheists announced today that their new billboard is going up in several locations nationwide, including the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel: the same location as last year’s famous ‘You KNOW it’s a MYTH’ billboard. The new billboard will also be going up in Ohio and Florida.

This year’s holiday season billboard features pictures of Neptune, Jesus, Santa Claus, and the Devil and says, ‘37 Million Americans know MYTHS when they see them. What do you see?’”

Response: The billboard campaign is designed to create attention for their cause and they have succeeded once more. Whether you like it or not the atheists have every right to spend their money ridiculing the faith of others if they so choose. I think that last years billboard was actually more offensive.

We have freedom of religion in this country and also freedom not to believe in anything. Both are equally protected by the Constitution. In times past admitted atheists were rare in America but are definitely on the increase in this generation. It is now people of faith that are beginning to feel the sting of  discrimination perpetrated by a increasingly secularist media, education system, and a PC dominated government bureaucracy in America.              *Top

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