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-Catholic Bishops: Religious Liberty is Eroding in America

by Dr. D ~ November 15th, 2011

Bishop Daniel L. Dolan

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U.S. Roman Catholic bishops vowed Monday to defend their religious liberty in the face of growing acceptance of gay marriage and what they called attempts by secularists to marginalize faith.

Bishop William Lori, leader of a new national religious liberty committee, condemned federal and state policies that he said interfered with the church’s ability to provide social services, from health care to immigrant support to international aid.

The Roman Catholic bishops are having a conference this week and in the process cataloging the difficulties that they are presently facing across the country. Religious freedom was the main focus at this fall meeting of the American bishops which runs through Tuesday.

One of the major problems cited is the pressure being put on their social ministries by the ACLU and secularists who seem to be gaining influence and traction in eliminating Catholic services from support or recognition from government agencies.

The Catholic Charities involved with adoptions and foster-care placements have been particularly targeted since they serve married couples only and refuse to place children with homosexuals. Also, the Catholic medical ministries are running into problems since they decline to be involved with abortion. 

Response: The bishops are particularly concerned about the labeling of their religious convictions as ‘discrimination.’  Government agencies and the courts seem to be increasingly viewing those religious convictions in a negative light.

In many cases over the last year or so Catholic Charities have been forced to choose between their beliefs and continuing their current public supported ministries. The bishops say that the Catholic Church has religious convictions that will not be compromised and they shouldn’t be expected to do so. The fact that this is increasingly becoming an issue shows that religious liberty and freedom is under attack and on the decline in America.             *Top

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