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-Study: Church Goers Are More Positive and Less Depressed

by Dr. D ~ November 12th, 2011

Here’s a medical study that shows what most folks who attend church regularly already know. Those who attend religious services are more positive about life and less likely to suffer from depression. This is particularly true for women:

“People who go to religious services routinely are 56% more likely to view life positively and 27% less likely to have symptoms of depression, researchers from Yeshiva University reported in the Journal of Religion and Health. The authors added that those who attend services every week tend to be less cynical too.”

More than 95,000 older women from a variety different income levels, ethnic backgrounds, and religions were included in the study. According to lead researcher, Eliezer Schnall:

"We looked at a number of psychological factors; optimism, depression, cynical hostility, and a number of subcategories and subscales involving social support and social strain.
The link between religious activity and health is most evident in women, specifically older women."

The same researchers have have also done an earlier study which indicates that regular participation in religious services helps to enhance social interaction.

Response: There have been a number of different studies over the years that have resulted in similar conclusions. The point is, religion and attendance at religious services is actually good for people and enhances ones over-all quality of life.

We haven’t even begun to talk about the theological and eternal benefits -that is a different subject altogether. Here’s some of the past research which has shown that religion and attending church can play an important and positive role in one’s life and even one’s health:

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