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-UPDATE: Catholic Diocese Ups Offer for Crystal Cathedral

by Dr. D ~ November 10th, 2011

Crystal Cathedral

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The Catholic Diocese of orange upped its offer Wednesday by $1.8 million to $55.4 million for the famous Crystal Cathedral (OC Register, Local, Nov. 10, 2011). The offer far exceeds the $51.5 million bid by Chapman University.

The Diocese also promised to maintain a chapel on top of the tower for inter-faith worship and preserve the Memorial Gardens on the campus. In addition promised to honor the legacy of Rev. Robert H. Schuller in the visitors center. The Catholic Diocese also will give the Schuller ministry the opportunity to continue their worship services and ministries down the street at St. Callistus Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, Crystal Cathedral Ministries has made it known that they prefer the Chapman University offer since it allows then to lease back the Cathedral and several buildings for their continuing ministries in the iconic facility. The university bid also gives the Schuller ministry the opportunity to buy back the worship center in the future. However on Wednesday they did seem far more open to the Catholic bid and indicated that both proposals are now ‘acceptable.’

The disposition of the property is slated to be confirmed in bankruptcy court on Monday, Nov.14.

Response: If the Catholic bid is successful it will probably mean the end for the Schuler ministry. Obviously they will not be able to continue their TV ministry as it now is and they will have to drop the ‘Crystal Cathedral Ministries’ name. However the Catholic offer does open the door for the Latino ministry to have a place to continue to meet and grow.

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