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-Is it True that Democrats Seldom or Never Go to Church?

by Dr. D ~ November 8th, 2011


      (Image by slack12 via Flickr)

Is it true that most members of the Democratic Party seldom or never go to church? Sounds like a preposterous claim made by some Republican.

But it is true!

According to a Gallup poll, a majority of Democrats (52%) confirm that they seldom or never attend church. Another 20% said that they attend at least monthly while 27% claim weekly attendance.

Meanwhile, 40% of the Republicans say they attend church at least once a week and another 21% go at least one or more times a month, while 38% seldom or never attend.

Overall, 33% of Americans say they attend church at least once a week, with another 20% attending at least once a month. So the majority of the general population (53%) in America still attends church one or more times a month while 46% say they seldom or never attend.

The poll also seems to confirm that Democrats are less religious than most Americans while Republicans seem to be are more religious than the general population.

Response: The study reflects the political reality in America when it comes to issues of faith. Public prayer, abortion, homosexual marriage, church and state, and  observance of Christian holidays in the public square, are all issues that Christians and secularists are battling over politically in America.

The Republicans seem to be more consistently supportive of conservative Christian views on these issues than the Democrats who most of the time seem to be on the other side. The Gallup study shows us why this may be the case. Meanwhile, I personally know faithful Christians in both parties.             *Top

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