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-Obama Administration Opposes Adding FDR’s Prayer to WWII Memorial?

by Dr. D ~ November 7th, 2011

WWII Memorial Atlantic Theater

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Members in Congress are trying to get FDR’s D-Day prayer added to the WWII Memorial. Meanwhile the Obama administration is opposing the bill.

The Roosevelt D-Day prayer played a memorable part of a major turning point in history. During WWII when allied forces landed in Normandy to take Europe back from the Nazis, the president asked the entire nation to join him in prayer.  

Rep. Bill Johnson’s bill — the "World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2011," has bipartisan support in the Congress and is expected to be passed. Then it will go on to the Senate.

Response: The WWII Memorial is another example of the current PC policy in Washington to expunge all religious references in new construction around the capitol.

We have recently written about how God was left out of the new Memorial to Martin Luther King who was a Christian minister after all. Also in the past, how God was dropped from the motto displayed in the new Capitol visitors center until Congress forced the issue. Well Congress is trying to force the issue again but the Obama administration is digging in their heals in opposition to any change. 

Although FDR asked the nation to pray on a number of different occasions, the memorial has been sanitized of any historical references to prayer or God. The bill is an attempt to make up for that slight and  incorporate FDR’s D-Day prayer into it’s rightful place in the history of WWII.

The prayer does reflect the role that faith played in the lives of Americans during the war. The fact that it was left out in the first place along with any references to God or faith reflects a disturbing penchant to re-write history conforming to a secular world view.            *Top 

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