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-Crystal Cathedral Updates: Chapman U. Increases Its Offer

by Dr. D ~ November 2nd, 2011

The pipe organ of the Crystal Cathedral in Gar...

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Chapman University has increased its offer for the Crystal Cathedral property by $1.5 Million bringing the total of their bid to $51.5 million (Story in Local Section today, OC Register, Nov. 2, 2011).

Yesterday it was reported that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange had objected to the sale of the iconic cathedral on the pretense that it would not pay off all of the outstanding creditors. The Catholic Diocese had made a $53.6 million bid for the property that is now in bankruptcy court.

The increased Chapman bid now seems to be large enough to cover the current debts of the Crystal Cathedral ministry. A judge will rule on the bids before the court on November 14.

Last week the Crystal Cathedral board had voted to push for an acceptance of the Chapman University offer since the Schuller ministry would be able to lease back the cathedral and continue hosting the ‘Hour of Power’ TV ministry from that location.

To be fair to the Catholic bid, the Diocese had offered an alternative location for the Crystal Cathedral congregation to worship so they would not have been completely homeless. But it obviously would not be as an impressive venue for the TV ministry which raises nearly 70% of the funds for the Schuller ministry. After all, what would the Crystal Cathedral ministry be like without their iconic edifice and their powerful pipe organ and ambiance?

The Register article also reported that a number of protestant business leaders were in the process of raising money for ‘saving’ the Cathedral and keeping it in protestant hands –an organization called Protestantchurch.biz. Though they seem to be coming rather late to the dance to be a real factor.

It will be interesting to see how the judge rules on this case. Look for updates following the Nov. 14 hearing.             *Top

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