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-Catholic Church Sues For Crystal Cathedral

by Dr. D ~ November 1st, 2011

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Just when it seemed like the Crystal Cathedral bankruptcy debacle was going to be resolved leaving the ministry intact, a wrench has been thrown into the works by another church seeking to gain the cathedral for itself.

According to the OC Register this morning (Nov.1,2011), the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange has filed an objection to the pending sale of Crystal Cathedral to Chapman University. The Catholic diocese is in need of a new cathedral and had offered $53.6 million for the property in bankruptcy court.

The only problem with the Catholic bid is that it would leave Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral ministry homeless, including their Latino ministry which sponsors the fastest growing Latino congregation in Southern California.

Last week Crystal Cathedral ministry board had voted to accept Chapman University’s offer of $50 million for the property. All that was left was for the bankruptcy court judge to approve the sale.

It would have been the best solution for everyone involved. Creditors would have received most of their money back, land-locked Chapman University would have received a 40 acre campus to expand on, and Robert Schuller’s ministry would have been able to lease the Cathedral and several key buildings for their ministry with an option to buy them back within 5 years.

The Catholic Diocese claims that their bid would benefit the creditors more and they question whether Schuller’s ministry would be able to come up with enough money for the lease anyway.

A hearing is set for November 14, at which time the bankruptcy judge will address the Catholic objection and rule on whether the Chapman plan will be approved or not.

Response: What is the best solution? The Chapman bid would be the far better option. Schuller’s ministry would continue to be housed, their Latino ministry would be allowed to continue to grow and serve the community, and Chapman University would gain much needed land for their expansion.

The Catholic bid is unfortunately self-serving at best and unseemly manipulative and selfish at worst. If the Orange Diocese were to gain their new cathedral by having a hand in destroying the Schuller ministry, how could they ever expect the blessings of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit to ever reign in their newly confiscated Cathedral? Particularly if a thriving Latino ministry was hampered or destroyed in the process.

I call upon the Orange Diocese to withdraw their self-serving objection and I also call upon religious leaders in Orange Co. and Catholics of good will to contact the Diocese officials and ask them to rethink what they are doing and how it will ultimately be received.

In the meantime, I call upon the OC Diocese Bishops, Bishop Tod D. Brown,
Auxiliary Bishop Dominic M. Luong, Auxiliary Bishop Cirilo Flores to pray over this issue and receive counsel and advice from the Holy Spirit instead of their legal counsel.            *Top

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