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-Tunisia: Islamists Win Vote -Will Sharia Follow?

by Dr. D ~ October 26th, 2011

The so-called ‘Arab Spring’ began with the revolt in Tunisia. The secularists got their vote but on Monday it was the Islamist party which commanded the majority and will lead the Assembly in writing a new constitution for the North African Muslim country.

Now it appears certain with an Islamist victory that Islamic Sharia law will gain ground as a basis for defining the new body of laws in the country.

Tunisia had arguably been the Arab world’s most secular state and women had far more rights there than in any other Arab country. With this vote, Tunisia joins Egypt and Libya in a decided Islamist turn.

We can now confirm our greatest fears about the ‘Arab Spring’.  It was not a revolution towards Western style democracy like our main stream media depicted it but a Islamist awakening and revival instead.

Here’s our article in February, right at the beginning of ‘Arab Spring’ accurately predicting the turmoil in the Middle East as actually an Islamist revival:

-What is behind the Middle East Turmoil? An Islamist Revival

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3 Responses to -Tunisia: Islamists Win Vote -Will Sharia Follow?

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    […] -Tunisia: Islamists Win Vote -Will Sharia Follow? (answersforthefaith.com)

  2. Bryan

    Yes, Sharia will follow, and unfortunately there are even crazy enough judges in America who think incorporating such law is fine as well. America must be quite careful as Islam desires to rule the world!

  3. Dr. D

    For sure Bryan,
    What’s worse, none of our leaders even want to see the truth when it comes to Islam. It seems to be gaining a protected status.

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