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-God is Edited Out of the MLK Memorial

by Dr. D ~ October 19th, 2011


Dr. Alveda King, the civil rights leader’s niece was initially surprised when she noticed that none of the many quotes displayed in the memorial of her uncle, Martin Luther King Jr. contained any mention of God:

"I don’t believe it was an effort for separation of church and state as much as it was an effort to attempt to be global and universal. So, I’m not exactly upset by the fact that God was not mentioned in … some of the many wonderful quotes. I believe that was a wonderful opportunity that was missed."

She is hoping that the memorial will spur many onward toward discovering who the real man behind the memorial really was, first and foremost a servant and minister of Jesus Christ:

"As they begin to explore more deeply in the very few phrases that are on those walls, they will meet Martin Luther King, Jr. — the man who loved and served the Lord, the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ," she responds. "They’ll meet him, and they’ll find his words when they begin to find out who he is."

Response: Dr. Alveda is being very charitable. The politically correct secularist environment that now pervades Washington DC has done it again. Dr. Martin Luther  King Jr. after all was a minister and God was upfront and foremost in nearly all of his messages. The creators of the memorial had to work over time to find valuable quotes that contained no mention of the Creator.

Obviously it was their goal to edit God out of the life of this Baptist minister and in the process re-write history and secularize the civil rights movement of the 60’s. A movement that revolved around the church more than any other institution.

A couple of years ago when the new visitors center at the Capitol was opened it was discovered that bureaucrats had edited God out of there also.

When the new $621 million US Capitol Visitor Center opened in December 2008,  "E Pluribus Unum" was prominently displayed as the ‘national motto’. Only problem–the actual national motto is: “In God We Trust”

It took an act of Congress to get the real motto back in the center along with the pledge mentioning ‘under God’ in it.

I visited Washington DC earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised how God or divine providence was featured in so many quotes on monuments all over the city. obviously there is now a concerted effort a foot to edit or sanitize God out of the current monuments going up.

In the case of MLK a Baptist minister all of his life, the effort to edit God out of his life and memorial is nearly unforgivable.            *Top

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3 Responses to -God is Edited Out of the MLK Memorial

  1. Bryan

    Thanks for showing. I had not heard that quote from the niece and your entry encourages me to review this about MLK a bit more. In fact, this might spark a blogging idea of my own. Thanks for sharing and welcome to faithbloggers!

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Bryan, I look forward to your contribution

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