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-Maybe The Pope is a ‘Dominionist’ Too?

by Dr. D ~ October 18th, 2011

Billy Graham Most admired man 4% (statistical tie)

                       (Billy Graham via Wikipedia)

I thought the ‘Birthers’ and ‘Truthers’ were embarrassing but the ‘Dominionist Nutters’ from  the left are gaining ground on them. Maybe they all can get together at the next ComiCon and share a booth.

After reading a few of the latest ‘Dominionist’ exposes, I realize that practically every significant Evangelical leader in the last 50 years or so is now suspected to have some part in this supposed grand conspiracy, including Billy Graham. N0, especially Billy since he was a frequent flyer to the White House.

Well here’s my contribution to the conspiracy, wait for it:

Maybe the Pope is a ‘Dominionist’ too.

Fact is, I can give more hard evidence against the Pope than anything coughed up against Gov. Perry.

Here’s one article on Dominionism that was particularly galling:  

Election-year goals of Christian group questioned” 

If Albert Mohler’s article was the best I read yesterday, this one by Rachel Zoll of AP was one of the absolute worst.

First of all it was all over the place and never landed anywhere in any coherent manner. Zoll presents a laundry list of charges in the beginning, and then after the damage is done, backtracks from it all in the end.

Zoll begins with the sensational charge that Gov. Perry is somehow connected with those dreaded ‘Dominionists’ even though she has to admit that:

Perry has never said anything that would directly link him to dominionism.

Nevertheless, Perry quoted from Joel 2, a dominionist favorite so he must be guilty?

How ignorant and ridiculous can you get? Joel 2 is a favorite of 100’s of millions of Pentecostals and charismatics, very few of which could even begin to tell you what dominionist theology is all about much less be part of some dominionist movement.

Meanwhile, Ms. Zoll shows her ignorance again by defining Dominionism as:

“…the belief that Christians have a God-given mandate to run the world."

What a crock. Where did she get that definition? Certainly not from reading Rushdoony or even Wikipedia for that matter.

While we are at it, exactly what is the name of this official dominionist group anyway? Who are the elected leaders and where are their offices? Zoll throws around a few possible names like Mike Bickle,  Lou Engle, and C. Peter Wagner.

However, later in the article when Zoll remembers that she’s supposed to be a journalist after all she begrudgingly shows us the other side. From what’s given towards the end of the article, it becomes obvious that none of these folks named are in some official group together and further more none of them are really supporting some kind of Christian theocratic take over of the US government.

I can actually vouch for Bickle and Engle since I have been around them many different times and have heard them individually speak at umpteen different conferences and meetings. Oops, I guess by association then I must also be a dominionist and never knew it? Except I have read some Rushdoony and was left in an ‘un-reconstructed’ state of denial and rejection.

Later in the article, Zoll lets one of the accused actually speak for himself, Mike Bickle, who plainly says that he’s not a dominionist:

"We want to influence things in our own microscopic way. I wish we did have influence, but it’s so minute."

Bickle also admitted that he did know C. Peter Wagner but was not affiliated with him in any group. He also said this about Wagner:

“"a humble guy" who does not know Perry and would not advocate Christian control of society.

"He’s got a team of loosely connected people – maybe 100 ministries – it’s a small number. They are ‘quote’ telling people to go influence society.

So there you have it. The so-called dominionist leader C. Peter Wagner is telling groups of Christians to ‘go influence society.’ how terrible! Knowing him as I do, he is guilty of that for sure, but so is the Pope.

Two weeks ago Pope Benedict told thousands of Catholics to influence European culture for the better. So maybe the Pope is also a Dominionist? I wonder if he Knows it? Actually the Pope is one for sure since he’s taken over and runs the Vatican government. So there you have it, the Pope is a ‘Dominionist’ too!               *Top

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