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-Egyptian Riot: All the Dead Were Christians and Muslims Attack Funeral Procession

by Dr. D ~ October 12th, 2011


It was styled in the Western media as ‘sectarian’ violence. But now we know that it was really an attack upon a peaceful demonstration of Coptic Christians instead by radical Muslims and military forces.

All of the 24 killed in the Egyptian riot on Sunday were Coptic Christians. As the facts come out, most of the deaths and hundreds of injuries were inflicted by military forces in an attack on the peaceful Coptic demonstration.

It appears that most of the dead had been mangled to such a degree that identification was difficult for many. Also, we now know that Muslim radicals pelted the Coptic victim’s families with bricks and Molotov Cocktails as they visited the Coptic hospital looking for their relatives on Monday.

To add insult to injury, the Coptic Christians were attacked and pelted with bricks by Muslims as they participated in a funeral procession taking 5 of the dead to St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo.

Response: As the facts come out about the riot in Cairo on Sunday, it now appears that the Coptic Christians suffered nearly all of the injuries and all 24 deaths. It also shows that the authorities running Egypt are far more radical than the previous administration. Coptic around the world now fear for the lives of their relatives living in Egypt.

The Coptic Christians there feel like they are being assailed on all sides and have no one to turn to, certainly in their own country. They also feel abandoned internationally since President Obama seemed to blame them for the entire event and  warned the Christians to show restraint.

Meanwhile the radical Muslims showed no restraint at all and continued their hateful and savage treatment of the Coptic Christians by attacking their funeral procession. Where is Obama’s call for restraint from the Egyptian Muslim community? Don’t hold your breath!            *Top

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