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-Star of David Carved on Muslim Supporter of Israel

by Dr. D ~ October 6th, 2011


In case you missed this story, it surprisingly happened in St. Louis, Mo. in August. The main stream media in America has been curiously silent about this terrible religious ‘hate’ crime probably because it was committed by Muslims on another Muslim. Here’s the story from Pajamas Media:

A certain Arab author by the name of Mr. Alaa Alsaegh, an immigrant to the U.S. from Iraq, was attacked on August 14, 2011, by Muslims in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri. They stabbed him and carved a Star of David onto the flesh of his back. His crime? He published an Arabic language poem titled “Tears at the Heart of the Holocaust” on the website ArabsForIsrael.com. The poem expressed his love for the Jewish people and his sorrow over their fate in the Holocaust. The Muslim community in which he lived was outraged by this thought crime. He was called an infidel and received many threats for articulating his taboo feelings for the Jewish people. Alienated from the Muslim community, he continued to write his poetry, which contained the same themes which so upset his fellow Muslims.

Here’s the detailed report of what happened to Alsaegh on August 14 on the streets of St. Louis in ‘middle America’:

“As he was driving at 10:30 in the morning on Compton St. near Park Ave., a small white car cut him off and hit his car, while another car stopped behind him. The occupants of the cars, some of whom wore security guard-type uniforms, quickly entered Alsaegh’s car, pointing a gun at him. They pushed his upper body down against the steering wheel, stabbed him and pulled off his shirt to expose his back. Then, with a knife, they carved the Star of David on his back while laughing as they recited his pro-Jewish poem.”

Alsaegh believes that his attackers were Somali Muslims. Now comes the worse part of the story. Mr. Alsaegh has since left his life behind in St. Louis and found it necessary to flee from all of the persecution that he was receiving from the local Muslim community.

Response: This story does not meet the media template for News? The news media is so concerned about ‘Islamophobia’ in America that it almost never deals with the reality that there are radical Muslims in the USA.

In this case, a ‘moderate Muslim’ is persecuted and attacked by religious radicals but story goes unreported because the attackers were Muslim? If the persecutors were Christian one can only imagine the amount of print and video the story would have generated.

Meanwhile, the FBI has concluded that this was a hate crime. Actually this is an incredible example of radical Muslim terror in the streets of Middle America but it substantially goes unreported in the main stream media. One wonders what else may go unreported.            *Top

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