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-Is Obama the Anti-Christ? No!

by Dr. D ~ October 3rd, 2011

A heckler in the crowd shouts out that ‘Jesus is Lord’ and that Obama is ‘The Anti-Christ.’

Is President Obama ‘The Anti-Christ’?


In fact, the president takes this occasion to reaffirm his faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.

Barrack Obama is not my favorite president and probably my least favorite ever. However, he does not meet the Biblical qualifications for the end-time diabolical figure referred to as ‘The Anti-Christ.’ That being said, he is nevertheless an avid supporter of World government.

According to reports, this particular critic has shown up and protested the president on a number of different occasions. It has even left some to wonder if it’s not a put-up inside job, particularly considering how the President responds along with the crowd.

See the video, President Obama responded in good humor to the heckler while the crowd tried to drown the protester out with shouts of “four more years.”

President Obama:

“First of all I do believe that Jesus Christ is Lord..I do believe in that.”

This is not something that The real Anti-Christ would ever say. I am getting tired of those who claim that the President is not sincere in his Christian faith and totally outraged by those who continue to believe that he is some kind of closet Muslim.

The President is a liberal ‘main-line’ Christian and nothing more or less. He certainly is not an evangelical or a conservative Catholic and he may be somewhat immature in his faith. He may not be ‘my kind of Christian’ or yours, but he is a professing believer and we should take him at his word. Nevertheless, that does not mean that we cannot judge him by his actions and his deeds and how they square with Biblical Christian teaching.             *Top

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1 Response to -Is Obama the Anti-Christ? No!

  1. Ken

    You’re not quite correct. Even satan would have to admit that Jesus is Lord. After all, he has first hand knowledge of that. If you think back, or check out Youtube, you can find Obama mocking the Bible. That’s something that the antichrist would do and no Christian would dare do. He’s likely just a Kenyan imposter who for some reason became president. It’s for sure that he’s no Christian. The true test will be if, against all odds, he remains president after the next election. If that happens, he’s definitely still in the running.

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