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-Egypt: Muslim Radicals Burn Coptic Church

by Dr. D ~ October 1st, 2011


From Coptic World 9/30/11:

St George’s Church in the village of Al Marinab of the province of Edfu was attacked and burned by Muslim fanatics from the same and neighboring villages. No one was inside the church during the attack. This church was attacked several weeks ago by the same mob of Muslims who demanded to remove its cross. Today, they succeeded in doing so as they have been threatening for several days. They prayed their Friday prayers in front of the burned church. The fanatics numbered approximately 150. Three adjacent homes, a store as well as a building, all of which are owned by Copts, have also been burned.

No arrests were made. Muslim fanatics have prevented fire trucks from coming on the scene. No protection or justice has been promised for the Copts of the village has been pledged by authorities. Copts fear these acts will continue to increase as the government continues to allow these criminal acts to go unchecked. This is the fourth Coptic church to be destroyed by Muslims this year following the revolution.

Response: Another Coptic Church bites the dust. At least this time no one was killed. Make no mistake about it. One of the by-products of the storied ‘Arab Spring’ that was supposed to bring democracy to Egypt has ended up encouraging radical Muslims to persecute Coptic Christians all over the country.

You will not see this covered by any of the main stream media but 4 Coptic Churches have been destroyed since the revolution. Not only that, there have been dozens of instances where Coptic businesses and homes have been plundered and burned. Meanwhile the Egyptian authorities have done little or nothing to stop it and in each case the perpetrators have gone free.

Even more shocking, in this case the Muslim mob boldly returned to worship and perform their Friday prayers in front of the burned out church proudly offering up their diabolical handiwork to their god.             *Top

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