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-Study: Orientation Change is Possible for Homosexuals

by Dr. D ~ September 29th, 2011


According to the official view of the the American Psychological Association (APA),  homosexuals cannot change their orientation. Nevertheless, here’s a new study published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal showing that sexual orientation change is possible for some homosexuals:

The October issue of the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy contains a longitudinal study of Christians seeking help from ministries associated with Exodus International for their unwanted same-sex attractions. Of the 98 subjects, more than half were reported as successful; 23 percent reported a complete change in orientation after six years. Also, 20 percent reported giving up the struggle to change.

The study was lead by Dr. Stanton Jones, of Wheaton College. Here’s what he has to say about the research:

“At the time, the American Psychological Association (APA) prominently on its web page said sexual orientation could not be changed. Very few people were looking into it.”

“We think the results challenge the reigning mindset that change is impossible or is extraordinarily rare.”

“It is a bit frustrating to me to see APA saying research shows it is impossible or rarely happens when in my mind, no such research exists. When anecdotes that people have changed are treated with cynicism, it’s fueled by the anecdotes of people who’ve had the opposite experience. To say (change is) impossible is an overstatement of the facts, in our opinion.”

Jones said the fact that the subjects were all Christians with strong convictions about moral behavior most likely played a pivotal role in helping the successful ones change their orientation.

“We were trying to address the basic question ‘Is change possible?’ The fact that anyone changed is what came out of this study.”

Response: For more than a decade we have been told by experts that sexual orientation change for Homosexuals was essentially impossible. I believe that those conclusions have been influenced and tainted to a large degree by the rise of gay activism and a politically correct media. 

In the process many have opposed and even made fun of Christian groups like Exodus trying to help homosexuals adapt to a traditional Christian lifestyle.

I have long held that difficult changes like this were possible through the help of the Holy Spirit. Just like alcoholics or drug addicts might find it difficult to leave their addictions behind, through God’s help they have found that a new life was possible.

I do not want to minimize the difficulty faced by those who want to change their orientation. Even though the necessary changes appear to be more fundamental than difficult addictions I believe that it is possible to become ‘new creatures’ and leave the old behind in Christ Jesus.

At least this study shows the possibilities for those who really want to change and rely on God’s help in the process.            *Top

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